47 months + 12 days

You think I forgot about y’all? Nope.
You think I’m all healed up? Nah.

I just got caught up in the swing of things.

The inner parts of my elbows became very red and rashy on August 19th. It may be due to the fact that I ate tons of different types of meat, drank a ton of alcohol, cold temperature foods, and fried foods in a short amount of time. You don’t know how fast I weened my unhealthy diet and started drinking TCM soup once the localized areas became bumpy, red, and itchy. It made me feel super paranoid for the first 4-5 days because flare ups initially occur in two areas (face and inner elbows) and slowly spread to the rest of my body.

The pictures you see were taken on August 28th. It is much better today. Now you just see a big brown splotch of a leftover rash.

False alarm. 


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