52 months

Not being very good with updating this lately.
Skin is normal but there are so many personal changes going on right now.

January is the month of new beginnings but I somehow find myself stressed about my current situation – job and relationships. This must stop though. Stress = not healthy = bad skin.

Going to focus on my current life situation right now. Sorry, still nothing new to report. Skin is normal despite me consuming a giant bowl of spicy soup over the last 2 days. Yay me! Not going to complain.

I’ll take what I can get…


7 thoughts on “52 months

  1. Thank you for writing ur blog. It has been an inspiration to me over the last 6 mths of withdrawal. I’ve read thru the entire blog three times already. Everyday feels like dooms day. I was a user from birth til 12 yo and then the rashes disappeared. But by 18 yo it came back with a vengeance. I spent the next 6 years using steroids and when that stopped working, I spent anther 14 years on immunosuppressants. It stopped working long ago and it wasnt until I found the itsan website that I finally knew what was wrong with me. After 6 mths of withdrawal, I am still oozing and it looks scarier and scarier everyday. Ive been seeing an acupuntirist for the last three mths, but it seems he’s at a dead end as to what to do with me. Is it possible for my dr to contact ur acupuncturist to ask for advice? I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Most days I just dont know how to go on living. If it werent for my littles ones, I might’ve given up already.

      1. I’m doing both accupunture and Chinese herbs. My immune system is so low from all those years of immunosuppressants that I keep getting sick. I catch every single cold that my kids bring home. Each cold makes me bloat like a balloon and my muscles get super sore and weak. Worse is during this time I can only take herbs for the cold and each cold lasts at least 2-3 weeks. Maybe my dr can ask urs what kind of herbs to use and the best accupuncture techniques? I am feeling so desperate from all the ooze, itching and disfiguration. Thanks for responding to me 🙂

      2. My acupuncturist actually went back to China. Not sure if she is coming back. I haven’t been in touch with her for a while now.

        This is weird. It is known that it takes much longer to recover if you only do acupuncture but herbs is supposed to speed up the process.

        Ask your acupuncturist what kind of elements you have. Wood, earth, etc. Also ask what kind of body type you have… such as wind, damp, heat, cold etc. There may be a combo of 2 like damp heat, or wind, heat + cold

        Use this as reference. Each person is different and there are too many combos to name. Also know what your WEAKNESS organ is.

        This will give you a good idea of what your issues are. Mine are different from my siblings. So what works for you may not work for me. If you don’t know this already then I’m a bit skeptical of the person that is treating you…

        Also, if you’ve read this blog from top to bottom you will know that there are specific foods you are NOT allowed to eat regardless of your body type. Resist the temptations. That was truly the most difficult part for me.

      3. Sorry, i didnt realize u responded to me til today. I’ve been hospitalized for skin infection so I am now on benadryl, opiates, antibiotics and sleeping pills. I scratched til there was no skin left and was literally bleeding from head to toe. The hospital put me back on protopic.

        I am so scared to start withdrawal again. The only reason y i started in the first place was because protopic stopped working. Any advice on what i should do? Keep using protopic til everything clears up and start again or stop now after using it for a few days? I am so confused.

        Please let me know if ur doctor ever comes back. I am willing to relocate just to see her. I am very desperate. My immune system is so low. My legs are so rashed up that i haven’t even been able to walk for mths. My husband had to carry me into the hospital.

        Yes i rmbr reading about the diet restrictions. I adhere to them religiously. I eat very plain foods now.

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