59 months + 1 day

What happened to monthly updates?
No clue.

Combing the TSW/RSS forums was once my daily routine.
I would look forward to pouring all my emotions in a post.
This blog was my outlet during flares.

Things have definitely changed.
And it is true when people say time heals all wounds.
Maybe this is why I do not post as frequently anymore.

Monthly updates have become once every two months.
Then it will be once every quarter.
Once every 6 months.
Once a year.
Then *poof*

I do not want it to happen.
And that is why I keep coming back.
It is an online diary of sorts and a place for me to revisit and remind myself of what I had to go through.
My blog also grounds me when I am about to go off the rails with my crappy eating habits. (Hello $0.67 hamburgers at McD’s!)

Holding on and not letting you go.

TSW/RSS update:
Menstruation cycle started a few days ago. Immediately felt tingly in the face. Lips also started to burn. No idea if it was the new salad dressing or just my eczema acting up, but my body is strong enough to hold it down. I will give it a few more days and see.

Back in 2012 and before ITSAN.org was born, TSW/RSS chats were on Google and it some sort of old school forum thingamabob. Speaking of Google, I just searched TSW/RSS and there are so many search results that pop up. Nice to see our little community flourishing and glad to see this finally be recognized as a REAL problem!


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