Hi Everyone. Welcome to my blog!

I started TSW on Sept 16, 2012 after having used topical steroids on and off for 6-6.5 years.

If you would like to get in touch with me privately, please email me.

*Disclaimer: This blog is to document my own thoughts and opinions of eczema and TSW/RSS and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical issues. If you would like medical advice, please consult a doctor.


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  1. Hi,

    my bf just started his journey on TSW, it’s only been a week or so, and it’s already getting pretty bad. I saw your post abt TCM and acupuncture. Do you mind sharing where can I find the doctor? Really appreciate your help in advance.

    1. Hey!
      Thanks for taking the time to write to me. I spoke to my acupuncturist in the past and she is uncomfortable with me sharing her name with others online. She has also indicated that she will only treat individuals who are able to physically go see her (this is for best results.)
      Therefore, would you be able to let me know where you’re located?

    1. Hi,

      My acupuncturist is located in North America.
      You’re lucky that you’re in SG. There are a lot more TCM focused doctors in Asian countries. A blogger recently blogged about a TCM doctor who was in HK and helped him heal. Have you heard about him?

  2. I was put on Elidel cream for my face by my dermatologist, around 1yr, so far I used one package only and was just starting the second one. Later on I found out Elidel can cause cancer lymphoma. In USA this cream have a danger label by Law but here in Canada it looks innocent like any other cream. I know steroids have other side effects but at least cancer is not one of them? I am now 7 days off Elidel and I look terrible in my face, cheeks are red, I feel pain on my chin and jowl. This seems it will never stop. My body is like burning on high temperature. I failed my 3rd grade of high school due to being absent from classes many times.
    I saw a TCM herbalist 1-2 yrs ago and was on the 6-day tea and TCM cream therapy. It helped but I was worried as the cream had medicinal smell in it. I always asked TCM herbalist if the cream was natural and he always said it was. I started with white one and it helped a little. Next time I had six days of strong combination of teas which I boil two times per day to one cup. I also used a yellow cream that time. I was told there is also a green cream but it is given only to most difficult cases. This combination of teas and yellow cream helped but as I was finishing I went for 7 days to Cuba so I was not sure whether climate change contributed to the effect. For many months I did not use Elidel cream at all. As my stress increased in the next school year my face became red. Did not visit TCM herbalist as he lives far away. Started to use Elidel for awhile two times per day and my face was ok. I stopped for 4 days and it started to become red. It is now over a week and my face is very red. Tomorrow I am going to see TCM herbalist again. I’ll ask for the same therapy as before when it worked. few weeks ago when I was on off Elidel I visited TCM and since my face was not very red he prescribed 3 day not very strong teas. He did not want to prescribe the cream that time but I asked for it. This time teas and the cream did not work. I’ll see tomorrow if stronger teas will help. I am only worried if those TCM creams contains steroids or some other substances, maybe even Elidel itself. How can one be sure? On this blog I found out there are TCM who put steroids in their cream so that worries me very much. Each time my TCM tells me the creams are natural. I know from searching the internet that there are 4 famous Chinese TCM formulas for eczema cream and I hope my TCM give me only these legitimate creams. The teas I was given last time when it worked were in big bags each, approximately half pound weight of each bag, a lot of dry herbs, I also noticed a dry shield of something that looked as a small worm, brown in colour. I boil the tea from 6 cups to 1 cup in about 1.5 hrs and then repeat the process in the evening, and so on. Each tea costs $14 times 6 days is $84. Very small amount of the cream is $20 so the total comes to $104. If it gives me relief for 3-4 months and assurance the cream does not contain active substances I would be very happy. But how can one be sure? The alternative is to get off Elidel and hope the pain will go away but for me this looks like it will never go away

    1. News flash: those creams contain steroids. I had the same thing and the crook initially said it was ‘all natural’. When I got worse, I questioned him and he blurted everything out. I was so damn pissed. It is in a small jar right? I paid about $15 for one which means I paid $30 total for 2. One with white colored cream and another with yellow-ish cream.

      I would just drink the tea. Are the ingredients blended up? Is it given to you by the TCM doctor? Or does the TCM doctor give you a piece of paper with the ingredients?

      1. After fighting eczema for so many months I only read this now. Yes, this is a Chinese TCM practice with a lot of Chinese dry herbs around. He takes the pulse each time only and looks briefly the tongue.
        All teas are blended up, different kinds, a lot of wood like plants. From investigating internet I found some of those Latin names and based on research it seems legitimate Chinese herbs for eczema. He did not give me the names. The first creme I received was a small white plastic jar. Next time I got more of the teas for 6 days and yellow creme. Eczema was gone. Each time I visit I ask if there is any medicinal ingredient and each time this guy says it is all based on plants. When I smell i smells like a medicinal creme and that is why I asked.
        After many months I went again and this time I was not given that creme. Since I was under steroids maybe TCM did not find necessary to prescribe white creme like the first time.
        Each time he write a lot of stuff in Chinese in a his record book. He keeps patient record, but everything is in Chinese.
        Now, if I know for sure there is no medicinal stuff in that yellow creme I would instantly go there and have therapy every 2-3 months, but how can I be sure??
        I mean it would be easy to check the content of these cremes in a lab?
        But what if those powerful plants in yellow creme are in itself immunosupresors? It is know that many medicines come directly from plants. But as you said it is more likely that it is a crook. Maybe majority of cases are acute eczema and it comes and goes so he does not see the patient again. But if you have chronic one then… this guy seemed not to be happy when he saw me for the 3rd and 4th time in one year.
        What did he tell you about yellow creme content? Was it a prescription only steroid or Protopic or similar in it?

        He said there is also a green creme and the last color I forgot. Based on conversation with him he prescribes those to people with blisters, open wounds etc. I only had redness, on my face, neck, upper body, flexors, and maybe he considered me a light case. He mentioned he use acupuncture only in those difficult cases.

        Again, I know from few years ago when I did research that there are 4 famous Chinese formulas for eczema. I remember they were of different colours. So at this point I am not sure if this was crook or not. If somebody has any more experience with those formulas (white, yellow, green, and the last color I forgot) please share your experience with me. Thanks a lot for information!! God bless all us eczema sufferers!

  3. Hi, I’ve been using steroid creams on my face for 4.5 years and have decided to finally stop using for a better, healthier face. I’m currently 20 and I was just wondering what did you use or do to relieve your symptoms during this time of not using steroid creams.

    1. Hey!
      I did a lot of different things during the initial stages of tsw. I maintained a strict diet and went to a TCM doctor and drank these concoctions made of natural herbs. For my face and body, I used normal everyday Neutrogena body lotion. Didn’t put much on my body since I wanted it to heal without using a ton of chemicals feel free to check out my older posts to read up on my thoughts and other things I experimented with.

  4. Hello Measitis,

    So good to hear that you done with flare 3. My journey with TSW started same time with you mid Sept 2012. I am hoping this is the end of my 3rd flare… sigh
    Super duper bone dry skin and each flare has its own craziness. Do you get super duper dry skin and constantly shedding?


  5. Hi there – Not sure where you are located in North America but if you’re in Toronto, wondering if you would be open to sharing your accupuncturist contact info with me? Thanks!

  6. HI! Pardon my ignorance, but where do i find your email? I just finished reading your entire blog and I am fascinated and nervous at the same time since I am about to begin my own TSW journey. I would like to ask you a couple of questions…please let me know how I can get in touch with you. Thanks!!

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